Bringing your taste and style to life, piece by peace.

Imagine moving through your house and feeling entirely at home in that space. Comfort, beauty, and light surround you. You can relax without worry; yet entertain with pride. This is what we want for you and this is why Piece by Peace Designs was created. With your comfort in mind.


Living Room


Wellbeing Design for any style

Imagine walking into your home or workspace…you smell your favorite aroma, sounds of nature are subtly in the background and you observe a beautifully designed interior. Adding elements of nature to your interior environment, even if they’re artificial, has physical and mental health benefits. We design each client’s space with their complete wellbeing in mind.

Staging and Vacation Rentals

Would you like your vacation rental to look inviting online? And even more so upon arrival? Do you want to sell your home and aren’t sure how to stage it for the sale? We can stage your property to look like a million bucks, helping you with every little detail…from furniture placement to selecting silverware.

New Construction & Remodeling

Loving the space you’re in is important for your wellbeing. Do you want to build a custom home to accommodate your life? Our new construction design service will guide you through each step in the selection process, making sure to balance your style with your proposed project investment. Are you already in your dream home but it’s outdated and needs a little refresh? We can help you transform it, from concept to execution, bringing new life to the space you once loved.

Piece by Peace


Complimentary 15-minute zoom consultation

Are you unhappy with an area of your home? Maybe something just doesn’t feel quite right. Or perhaps you are just tired of it and want a change. Whatever the reason, we want to help you find peace in your space. Email me a photo of this challenging space and we’ll schedule a free 15-minute feedback session to uncover possible solutions.

Let's chat about your design dreams!