Meet the creatives behind Piece by Peace

In 2018, Shanti Rose founded her company to focus on finding serenity in every space. After a few years of continuous expansion, Shanti hired a team of stellar creatives to bring another perspective to their projects. They work collectively using their unique differences to set them apart from other design firms and help elevate the client experience.

Shanti Rose

Founder and Principal Designer

Shanti Rose has been an Interior Designer for over a decade and loves helping clients turn their dreams into reality. She believes design isn’t just about beauty; it’s about functionality, overall wellness, and psychology. Being surrounded by color and eclectic design in her childhood sparked an appreciation for the psychology of color. As a result, Shanti’s personal design aesthetic is colorful and playful while remaining sophisticated and purposeful. Being a strong, independent, hard-working woman with limitless potential, she decided that running her own company was the only way to stay true to her design style. Piece by Peace Designs was formed to help create beauty, serenity, joy, and comfort in every space. Shanti finds serenity and joy in spending time with family and friends, attending concerts, and painting. She often finds herself creating commissioned art pieces for her clients that make working with her even more unique.

Angelica Bourgeois

Senior Designer

Angelica’s life experiences have been her aesthetics’ driving force and inspiration. She describes her style as moody, masculine, contemporary, and monochromatic, which correlates with the inspiration she gets from the desert and its vastly unique terrain. She strives to enhance the human experience by honoring the locations and architecture of a space and will always remain transparent and honest in her designs. To Angelica, being creative is the ultimate form of freedom. This freedom transcends into her personal interests, which include camping, boxing, drinking wine, and making floral arrangements.

Nuri Baylerian

Director of Operations and Procurement

Nuri’s background in design is different from most. Before entering the design industry, she managed a retail store with a team of 12 employees. She entered the job knowing the store was underperforming and created processes and procedures to turn it into the third most successful store in Arizona. Though she is methodical and organized, she has a passion for art in all facets. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in dance and digital design. This gives her the unique ability to bridge the creative with the structured, which promotes a smooth process for designers and clients. In Nuri’s free time, you can find her training her dog, watching Packer’s football, dancing, and reading.

Cameron Moore

Design Intern

From a young age, Cameron has had a natural ability to space plan and accessorize and knew the career path he was destined to be on. Not only that, but Cameron wanted to go to school for interior design because he wanted to transform someone’s space, and in turn, the way they live their life. He is an advocate for mental health and through his design, he ensures his clients are able to create a space that brings them peace and serenity. Bringing the outside in and using natural materials and warmer tones, he calls his design style modern rustic. He gravitates toward a modern rustic design style and heavily relies on the use of natural materials, warm and neutral tones, and bringing outside plant life into the indoors. When he isn’t studying and designing, Cameron enjoys off-roading, pickleball, and traveling.

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