Each project is unique. From the first conversation, we actively listen to what our clients need and want to bring their distinct and personal designs to life. We take pride in designing with intention- no detail is too large or small. Their home reflects who they are. Add longevity to their well-being. Aesthetically pleasing design that stands the test of time.

Cerulean Escape

Step into this retro cerulean home. Blues are a statement throughout the home as our clients are playful and colorful. When sourcing materials for this home, we kept that in mind. They wanted a home that felt as if they were back in the 1920s. We incorporated modern materials and fixtures with a retro flare while still staying true to the architecture of the home. In the guest bathroom, the curvature of the window inspired us to make it a pronounced feature. The kitchen island used to be oddly shaped and had a bar section the clients wouldn’t use. We reconfigured the entire island shape and switched its direction for more functionality and beauty.

Windstone Glam

Regal meets monochromatic Hollywood glam in this contemporary Cave Creek home. It was built with modern farmhouse finishes, which didn’t match our client’s aesthetic. Our challenge was to keep some of the original finishes, such as the flooring, paint color, and lighting, and still achieve our client’s desired vision. This project was fun for us to design as we could be extremely audacious and creative. Our favorite element of the home is the use of three different wallpapers in one space to juxtapose yet complement each other.


This space was designed for two creative people that, through their worldly travels, have curated unique and interesting pieces that became focal points for the design. We deeply understood the homeowner’s lifestyles and how important their careers in the copper industry are to them. This inspired us to incorporate an eclectic color palette with the use of copper art pieces while maintaining a modern aesthetic. To personalize the home more, the homeowner is a woodworker and made all the wood pieces that went into the design. We are super lucky to have such talented and amazing clients!

The Bonita Bathrooms

The primary bathroom was designed to be a kid-free sanctuary. Removing the tub and elongating the cabinetry allowed our client to have a makeup vanity, which was one of the most important things to her in the design. We chose light-toned tile and warm woods to make the space sophisticated and timeless. The guest and powder bathrooms are whimsical and fun to reflect their kids’ personalities while remaining refined. Every detail matters. We take pride in listening to our client’s desires. This can be seen through the cohesion of the lighting styles in each bathroom, which are feminine and blingy.


This bachelor wanted a unique aesthetic with a high-contrast color palette of black and white. Our construction knowledge was key in creating this design. In the kitchen, we knocked a wall down and raised the ceilings with the help of our amazing contractor. This construction aimed to create an open concept for our bachelor, who loves cooking, to be in the kitchen but remain a part of the fun during his many gatherings. We reconfigured the layout of the kitchen to be completely customized to our client’s need for functionality.

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