Design Trends of 2023

2023 is officially halfway over! Can you believe it?! Let’s dive into some of this year’s top furniture and design trends that are sure to last the rest of the year and beyond.

Bold Colors & Patterns

A great way to give your space a little pizzazz is by incorporating furnishings with bright, bold colors and/or patterns. This can easily be found in upholstered goods such as sofas, chairs, and ottomans. If you want to make less of a statement and use this technique as more of an accent, pillows and drapery are a great way to achieve that bold statement in small ways.

Bold Color Pattern Design Trends 2023
Danish Pastels

Danish Pastels

Gaining its popularity on TikTok, girly and dainty furniture & accessories gives a white room major personality. The furnishings should have a Scandinavian style to them in distinct pastel colors such as gentle pinks, soft lilacs, mint greens, and milky yellows. Furnishing and accessories with scalloped accents and shapes are also popular. Though less common, patterns such as flowers and hearts in pastel hues on accessories and upholstered furnishings can also be used.

Warm Neutrals

For those who aren’t in love with the idea of color in their home, they can hop on the trend of warm neutrals. Blacks and grays will always be a classic, but what we are now seeing more of is creams, browns, and tans. This trend is even gaining popularity in baby room designs! People want a neutral, colorless space without the harshness, coldness, and darkness that black can give. Having an entire home or just a room made of neutral furnishings and accessories can make your space feel too plain, so spice things up by throwing in patterns and textures in wallpaper, accents, and upholstery.

Warm Neutrals
Organic shapes

Organic Shapes & Soft Curves

Long gone are the furniture with harsh angles and lines and the typical rectangular or square shapes. What is in the now is furniture with soft and organic curves, shapes, and lines. It is a true ode to nature that will make your space feel airy and calm. Introduce this to your space by adding circular pillows and accessories. Take it a step further by adding shelves with organic and obscure shapes or seating with rounded backs and arms.

Fluted Furnishings

Seen on many tables, nightstands, dressers, and cabinets, fluted furniture features shallow curved and molded grooves and is a way to add texture and depth to a clean and minimal design aesthetic. Fluted designs were first seen in the architecture of ancient Greece and Rome, and are now seeing a resurgence with contemporary neoclassical interior design. Most commonly seen in wood materials, fluted design can also be found in ceramics, glass, metal, stone, and even upholstery.

Colors, patterns, and shapes all make up essential parts of design styles. There are a few furniture design styles this year that have been trending over others, and they are all unique in their own ways.

Biophilic Design

Biophilic Design

This year, interior design has been transforming into something completely different than what we are used to. People now are more in tune with nature and the health benefits of using natural materials and products. As stated in an article from Homes and Gardens*, Biophilic Design is the growing focus on products made from natural materials such as wood, wool, stone, and ceramics. The world is comprised of synthetic materials, so designing using nature’s materials can ground us to our environment, helping us become more connected with nature to bring us serenity, happiness, and good health. More than just materials, this design focuses on the use of natural light and greenery to complete the space.


As prices increase on case goods, people are accumulating less, leading them to live a more minimalist lifestyle. Also, according to an article by The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners**, studies show that having less clutter and items in your home can lead to better focus, less anxiety, more sleep, and better overall mental health. Minimalism isn’t just about not having a large accumulation of items in your home, though. The furniture, art, and accessories all have clean lines, monochromatic color schemes, and simplistic designs. As a bonus, with this design style and furniture, you will have fewer surface areas and intricate details within the furniture to dust and keep clean.

Biophilic Design

Modern Vintage

This design gives the saying, “out with the old and in with the new” a new twist. It takes the old and the new and combines them into an eclectic, unique style. A few simple ways to achieve this in your home are by mixing seating. Take a modern or contemporary style sofa and pair it with patterned vintage chairs. Or pair a vintage desk or dining table with art deco or contemporary-style chairs. The combinations and possibilities are truly endless and there is no right or wrong way to use this design style!

Discovering your unique design style can take time and energy. We hope that by discussing the trends of 2023, you can gain inspiration and ideas that you can bring to fruition throughout the rest of the year. When you walk into your space, it should be an exact reflection of you. If you want help with discovering your design style or furnishing your home, we have a customized design package for everyone and every project. Start your journey with us here!


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