Fireplaces – Materials and Styling

Fireplaces can be a bold statement or a simple background element to a design and can either be more functional, decorative, or both! Whatever category your fireplace falls into, here are some materials that are on trend as of late!


1. Sheets of Steel

For an industrial feel and a bold statement, use sheets of steel. For those who enjoy a minimal design, this is a great way to make the fireplace a focal point of the space without it being overwhelming. This material can be semi-customized with an array of different colors and finishes.

2. Concrete

Concrete is very durable and can be a relatively inexpensive material compared to tile. Leave it unfished and raw for an edgy industrial design or coat it to give it a more contemporary look.


3. Tile

Tile is an excellent choice of material since there are so many color and finish varieties to choose from. Make it timeless by choosing a larger format tile such as 24×48 or make it a unique statement by choosing a smaller colored or textured tile.

4. Stone Slabs

If luxury and drama are the effects desired, consider using a large stone slab to encompass the front of the fireplace. Though this can be a more expensive avenue, stone materials, such as granite and marble, are extremely durable. There are more neutral patterned and colored stones for a cleaner aesthetic or uniquely colored and patterned stones for an eclectic flare.


Not only is the material of the fireplace a way to sprinkle in pizzaz to a design, but so can the following-


1. Mantels

The traditional square mantel is not the only way to go these days! Consider a ledge or shelf mantel that sits above your fireplace box. Go for a polished aesthetic by using the same material as the face of the fireplace for the mantel. Feel free to also mix-and-match such as a wood or steel mantel with a tile face.

2. HearthS

Similar to mantels, either continue to use the same material as the face of the fireplace for the hearth or mix-and-match materials. A hearth can be extended beyond the fireplace, taken across an entire fireplace wall, or traditionally kept the width of the fireplace.


3. Accessories

Both the mantel and hearth are great areas to place accessories. On the hearth, a large plant, a vase, and a sculpture. Or a basket for wood, a fireplace tool set, and one decorative item. On the mantel, a mix of mirrors, photographs, sculptures, greenery, etc. Whatever accessories are used, don’t forget the rule discussed in our August blog- “either group items in threes, or keep an object by itself”.

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