Why should I work with a designer?

Interior designers get asked an abundance of questions as clients are trying to decide whether or not to hire a designer for their projects. The most common one we have heard, though, is “Why should I work with a designer?” It seems like such a simple question, but in actuality, it is a question that has many answers.

From a bathroom remodel to an entire home, there is a multitude of moving parts and many homeowners don’t know where to start. This brings us to our first reason why hiring a designer is the right move to make. Not only do we create beautiful spaces, but we help our clients manage their projects within their budget and we help them create a realistic timeline. We also find and manage any tradespeople needed, creating construction documents and drawings to ensure the design is executed how we intended. We space plan to ensure all the furniture fits most functionally, and we always design with intention, making sure the furnishings complement the hardscapes. What we do for our clients is a full-time job that we take off of their plates.

Secondly, we do all the heavy lifting- sometimes literally! All the client has to do is approve the design concept we come up with based on their dreams and we do the rest! We select the furnishings and finishes, order them, and inspect them. If items come in damaged, guess what? We rectify that on the client’s behalf, too! Lastly, we coordinate the delivery, set up, and installation of the items in our client’s home. They will be able to watch their design dreams come to fruition without ever having to lift a finger!

Those design dreams are hard to trust with just anyone. As design professionals, we offer one-of-a-kind concepts to elevate clients’ ideas, and we have a list of trusted tradespeople and vendors, many of which only offer products to design professionals, to pull the job off. With our exclusive vendors, our clients will get unique pieces of furniture that will make their homes stand out from the rest. We build quality relationships with our vendors so if issues arise with those items, we get top-grade resolutions. Our tradespeople become like our friends, we work with them so often. We challenge each other to think outside the box and stretch our creative limits to deliver unforgettable moments in our clients’ homes.

Lastly, those close relationships with our tradespeople play an integral role in the design process. Design starts at the very beginning of a project when planning and construction drawings happen- Where should the electrical outlets go? What would be the most ideal spots for light switches? We get to know our clients so well and how they function from day to day that we can communicate those needs to the builders, contractors, electricians, etc. These might not be things clients typically think about nor things that tradespeople usually think about, but we do! Design isn’t just about creating beautiful spaces; it is about ensuring functionality that will last a lifetime.

Now the question begs, why hire Piece by Peace Designs over other interior design firms?

For starters, we don’t just design for one kind of client or project, nor do we design in only one aesthetic. We cater to all types of projects and we make sure we prioritize our clients’ styles. Not only do we get to know our clients’ styles, but we focus on our clients’ personal lives to see how they live and function in their space. This helps us design a space that is not just beautiful but is long-lasting and practical. To provide the finished design to our clients, each team member works collaboratively with each other. Every single designer touches a portion of the project. We truly value each others’ opinions, perspectives, and different design styles. There is not a team that is similar to us in our past work history, schooling, or design styles, so everything we create is built on teamwork and is truly one of a kind.

Whether you need a full home renovation, you are building a new home from scratch, want help furnishing your home, or simply want design direction, we have a customized design package for everyone and every project. Start your journey with us here!

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